FAQ on Attending a Pi Tau Sigma Convention

When and where is the convention held?
The annual convention is generally held in late February, from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. The convention is hosted by chapters that have requested and were voted on to host a convention.

How much does it cost to come to a convention?
Excluding your transportation costs to the venue (via airplane or car), you will need to pay a registration fee of around $80 that will cover your meals for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast, as well as any transportation between the hotel and campus. Limited free transportation from airport to hotel and back, generally is provided by the host chapter unless it is not viable.You will need to pay your hotel stay for the Friday and Saturday nights. It is imperative that you book your rooms at the designated hotel for the convention as the convention usually takes place at more than one location. Hotel rooms have averaged $150 per night, which you may reduce to $75 per night by sharing a room. The National Office provides a stipend of $450 to one person from each chapter attending the convention.The check is written out to the chapter and distributed at the convention.

Who may come to a convention?
The most appropriate person to represent the chapter at the convention, is the officer who would be the chapter president for the following fall semester. The rational being, that the convention attendee would return with an immense amount of information and enthusiasm that she/he may use to lead the chapter. Having said that, the convention is open to all Pi Tau Sigma members. Although only one $450 stipend is awarded to each chapter, some savings in hotel costs can be realized by sleeping more than two persons per room.

What happens at the convention?
Great food, business meeting, design competition, interesting informative presentations, career social, campus laboratory tours, formal initiation, awards banquet, evening entertainment.

How many attend the convention?
On the average more than 200 students representing over 75 chapters attend the convention.

What is the dress code at the convention?
Please bring business casual, business professional, and casual clothes. Wear business casual for Friday dinner and business meeting as well as Saturday morning and afternoon. Wear business professional for the Saturday Awards Banquet dinner. You may wear casual for the Friday and Saturday evening entertainment and Sunday morning breakfast. 

What should I bring along to the convention?
Please bring your laptop along for the design competition, You may also want to bring a few copies of your resume for the career social.

Why should I come to the convention?
To learn how to run your chapter better by exchanging ideas with other chapters on various issues/questions you may have, but more importantly to make new friends and have fun.