Guanajuato Beta Theta

University of Guanajuato
Salamanca, MEXICO

Charter Date   February 28, 2015

Chapter No.   176

Advisor   Dr. Abel Hernandez-Guerrero

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Guanajuato Beta Theta


The main activities carried out by the chapter in the period 2017-2018 were:


-Weekly Meetings

-Software Courses

-Technical visit

As part of the activities organized a technical visit to MMVO planned (for short, Mazda Mexico Vehicle Operation) in order to introduce them to students of Engineering Mechanical and Mechatronics processes carried out at the plant, technology used and the activities staff. The course was attended by 44 students and 2 teachers of the División.

-Food collection: 

During this year, a series of earthquakes in several states occurred in our country, leaving many people without homes. The chapter organized at the school to help a collection of food items such as food, water, medicines, clothes, etc.

-Elementary School Visit

-Women in Engineering

-Academic Decathlon:

The objective of this event is to encourage competition among engineering students, testing their learning in basic areas of knowledge. The dynamic is simple. Teams of four people answer questions about mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, geography, history, art, film and music. The three teams with the most successful answers reach the next round. At this point, a short break is granted to the three teams that will face each other to win the first place. Competition resumes and after many questions and answers a winner is selected. This event helps students rediscover basic concepts they may have forgotten. The participation of the contestants in team mode was a great stimulus for the discussion of ideas and the ability to agree with others.

-Science and Engineering Congress

This congress was held for showing the undergraduate students the different areas of research in the engineering division of the University of Guanajuato. For this reason, researchers from the same division were invited to hold one-hour conferences. Great student participation was achieved thanks to the great advertising work of Pi Tau Sigma members; Posters were shared through social networks. In addition, a web page was designed to store the records of conference attendees. Twelve conferences took place, related to: Fractional differential equations and their applications, materials science, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, innovation in the automotive industry of Guanajuato, photovoltaic solar cells, quantum computing, bioengineering, composite materials and other interesting topics.

-E 3 Fair

Students of the Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanics, Computer Systems, and Electronic Engineering career of the Irapuato - Salamanca Campus participated in the second edition of the "E3 Fair" Science and Technology Fair with the exhibition of 50 scientific projects in a didactic and fun way, in the House of Culture of Salamanca. The exhibition was organized by Pi Tau Sigma Guanajuato Beta Theta and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), which is headed by the concept of "Science for
Children". About 900 sixth grade students in public elementary school made the tour of the stands and participated in the dynamic.