Massachusetts Phi Theta

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003

Charter Date   December 7, 1940

Chapter No.   129

Advisor   Dr. Stephen Nonnenmann

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Massachusetts Phi Theta


Thanks to the co-founders, Professor William Goss and Professor Kenneth Picha, the Phi Theta Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was established. The executive council granted permission to the University of Massachusetts on October 7, 1983. There were originally 79 charter members - many of whom were distinguished members of the mechanical engineering faculty at the University of Massachusetts.

According to the Phi Theta Chapter's advisor, Kenneth Picha, the purpose of the fraternity was to give the outstanding students in mechanical engineering the recognition that was long overdue, because previously there were not enough mechanical engineers enrolled at the University of Massachusetts to meet the criteria, and a charter could not be established.

Today, after one year, the Phi Theta Chapter is growing strong. They have had two official induction ceremonies making total membership approximately 170.