Michigan Tech Sigma Iota

Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI 49931

Charter Date   April 1, 1967

Chapter No.   82

Advisor   Dr. Jeff Naber

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports


Students at Michigan Technological University became interested in Pi Tau Sigma when the need for an honorary society of Mechanical Engineering students became apparent. Under the direction of Dr. Joseph Mayersak, a petition was prepared and submitted toPi Tau Sigma. The petition was approved and on April 1, 1967 the Michigan Tech Sigma Iota Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was installed by National President E. Kent Springer, National Vice-President Erwin C. Hoelsher, and National Secretary-Treasurer James W. Bayne.

The Sigma Iota Chapter is presently involved in two major activities to serve the mechanical engineering students at Michigan Tech. In order to help junior mechanical engineering students to select their professional sequences, the Brothers of Sigma Iota sponsor an Option Night, where the students meet with the faculty who express their views and answer questions regarding the professional sequences. The Sigma Iota Chapter also sponsors a Graduate Night. An evening seminar designed to acquaint undergraduate students with graduate school and its benefits.


The Sigma Iota Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma at Michigan Technological University is a very renowned organization on campus. It consists of over 100 members, with about 30 members thoroughly active.

Throughout the year, the members help the community and volunteer their time to a number of causes. In the fall, Michigan Tech hosts a “Make A Difference Day” that includes a variety of outdoor and indoor volunteer events that directly benefit the community or those less fortunate. It occurs on a Saturday in the month of October. This past academic calendar year, our chapter helped by shoveling snow and raking leaves. Yes, in the same day. On one side of town it was snowing so we helped shovel snow for a preschool and then upon finishing that we traveled to the other side of town to rake leaves in a cemetery. This event requires our members to dedicate an entire Saturday of their fall semester, which so conveniently usually falls around the first round of exams. It is a large time commitment and the volunteers are rewarded with a T-shirt and pizza.

The Sigma Iota chapter has yearly provided a fundraiser to the Mechanical Engineering department at Michigan Tech. Over the past years, we have sold weatherproof jackets with the Michigan Tech logo and “Mechanical Engineering” embroidered on them. A portion of the profits go towards supplying the jackets then the rest is invested back into the organization. But this year (2017-2018) we expanded our selection of merchandise to not only jackets, but polo T-shirts and insulated drink tumblers. We require each of our members to dedicate one (1) hour of their time during the week to either run the sales table, or distribute merchandise after orders are received. It allows for customers (students and faculty) to interact face-to-face with the members, making it more of a personable purchase rather than distributing an order form online or via email. This year we boasted the largest amount of sales out of all years this fundraiser has been active.

The final, sizeable yearly event that we participate in as a chapter, is called the “Copper Dog 150”. It is a 150-mile sled dog race that kicks off a couple of town north of where Michigan Tech is located. This is rarely considered a stereotypical volunteering event because it is so much fun. It begins on a Friday afternoon and volunteers have the choice of duties that range from coat check to dog handling, and from road guard to parking assistant. It is by far our largest event that we see members devoting their time towards. You would think it would be hard to get people to volunteer their time when it is snowing and -10 degrees Fahrenheit, but not at Michigan Tech. We have had a successful year and plan to keep up the involvement and pursue more activities for our members as well as our department as a whole. Stay tuned to find out what we have accomplished in the 2018-2019 academic year!