Nebraska Pi

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588

Charter Date   December 10, 1938

Chapter No.   17

Advisor   Dr. Benjamin Terry

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Nebraska Pi


In exchange of correspondence with the National Secretary, a group of high-ranking mechanical engineering seniors recognized the opportunity to promote scholarship and fellowship through an organization such as Pi Tau Sigma. Under the active leadership of Richard P. Ostwald and with the encouragement of Professor Jiles W. Haney, a petition for a chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was prepared. On December 10, 1938, National Secretary H.E. Degler formally installed the Nebraska Pi Chapter.

Activities of the Nebraska Pi Chapter have included sponsoring the annual M.E.- I.E. Banquet in cooperation with A.S.M.E. At this banquet, a mechanical engineering handbook is awarded to the outstanding senior, and the Gold Key Award is presented to an outstanding faculty member. Other activities include a pig roast for all M.E.'s and faculty, sponsoring a mousetrap-powered car race during E-Week, engineering paper sales, and a smoker held each semester to honor the top 25% of the junior class.



Kelsey Moss, President

The Nebraska Pi chapter of Pi Tau Sigma is an active organization with goals to help members develop into great mechanical engineers. Members are juniors and seniors that exceed the expectations set by professors and faculty and are among the top mechanical engineers. The Nebraska Pi chapter has focused on holding events and giving opportunities for members to network, grow professionally, and learn more about the mechanical engineering profession. Upholding the ideals of Pi Tau Sigma begins with the officers and trickles down to all members involved.

The chapter was inactive during the 2016 to 2017 year, and so a large rebuilding is occurring. The 2017 to 2018 year was an excellent example of the goals for the group’s growth. The officer team aims to continue building the presence of Pi Tau Sigma on campus and making it a memorable and important organization for all members. The activities and opportunities that have been held in the past and that will be hosted in the future demonstrate the group’s desire to develop its members. The group fosters high ideals in the engineering profession by providing opportunities to network with top mechanical engineering students. The mechanical engineering department in Nebraska is growing, so there are many students who sit in the same classes yet do not know one another. This chapter has provided a way for students to make connections that may help during school with studying, or down the road as a full-time engineer.

Another objective of this chapter is to stimulate and support departmental activities, so Pi Tau Sigma partners with the mechanical engineering department in various events. An example of that was helping with new faculty interviews this past year. The department needed students to step up and help, so the chapter reached out to its members and got them involved. The next objective is to promote professional welfare, which is accomplished through employer visits, graduate school presentations, connections to faculty research, and resume or cover letter reviews. The officer team reached out to their contacts and faculty’s contacts to request various full time engineers to speak to the group regarding engineering in the work place and what different roles look like. Many mechanical engineering faculty members have also spoken at events and in panels, where students can gain insight into their research and recommendations for things to look for in a graduate school program. The final main objective this chapter aims to uphold is to develop leadership and citizenship of its members. This is achieved through volunteering events and partnering with other engineering organizations. The chapter volunteered at The Big Event, a UNL-wide volunteering event which helped citizens of Lincoln.

This chapter is growing and learning the best ways to engage members, so there have been many trials to test what works best for this organization. Many steps are being taken to uphold the objectives of Pi Tau Sigma and encourage engineers to live and work ethically.