Michigan-Dearborn Alpha Pi

University of Michigan - Dearborn
Dearborn, MI 48128

Charter Date   October 25, 1996

Chapter No.   161

Advisor   Dr. Eric Ratts

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Michigan-Dearborn Alpha Pi

On January 29, 1996, the mechanical engineering students at the University of Michigan - Dearborn, with the guidance of Dr. Eric B. Ratts (Bradley Tau Omega ‘85), petitioned for membership in Pi Tau Sigma. Michigan-Dearborn Alpha Pi Chapter was installed on October 25, 1996, by Dr. Edwin Griggs (Tennessee Sigma Nu) President of Pi Tau Sigma, and Dr. Farokh Mistree (Georgia Tech Nu), Secretary-Treasurer of Pi Tau Sigma. The charter class of Michigan-Dearborn Alpha Pi consisted of 37 students.  In addition, Dr. C.L. Chow, Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department, was also initiated as an honorary member into Pi Tau Sigma.

In order to promote professionalism in mechanical engineering, the members have sponsored such activities as the annual pizza-party gathering between mechanical engineering faculty and students, tutoring of core curriculum courses, and philanthropic activities.



2018-2019 Michael Ustes, President

The 2018-2019 academic year for the Alpha Pi Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was a year of renewal. Having been marked “inactive” in 2017, Alpha Pi regained momentum by initiating its first undergraduate members in over a year. These initiates were able to elect critical executive board positions in order to complete important actions for the remainder of the semester.

UM Dearborn Alpha Pi Chapter successfully held spring initiation with assistance from Dr. Eric Ratts, the chapter’s advisor. Eleven candidates were initiated on Friday, April 12th. The initiation fees, signatures, and corresponding paperwork were collected and mailed to Pi Tau Sigma Headquarters. Alpha Pi also celebrated the graduation of one of its prior members this semester, and look forward to many more in the future. One of the chapter’s top priorities was to reestablish involvement with the University of Michigan – Dearborn’s Office for Student Engagement. This key goal will allow the chapter to receive funding and stay up to date with current and future campus activities, which is pivotal for Alpha Pi to arrange public events on the university campus. This task is the current work in progress since it takes quite some time for this Office to make sure everything is in order.

As part of a list of objectives to complete during the spring semester, Alpha Pi coordinated a tour of tier 1 automotive supplier Robert Bosch, LLC on Wednesday, May 1st. This tour invited our members to visit the company’s Farmington Hills location and explore the type of testing, development, and functions that Bosch performs in its Powertrain Division. The tour began with a presentation of the different departments within the facility, then proceeded with a walkthrough of the garage and lab area, as well as several test chambers for vehicles and engines of all shapes and sizes. This event gave our members real world examples and applications of the relevant topics being taught by UM Dearborn’s College of Engineering and Computer Science.