SIUE Alpha Chi

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL 62026

Charter Date   May 1, 2003

Chapter No.   167

Advisor   Dr. Majid Molki

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

SIUE Alpha Chi

At the request of mechanical engineering students, the department submitted a petition to the National Pi Tau Sigma for the SIUE Alpha Chi to be chartered. The chartering initiation ceremony was performed on May 1, 2003, in the presence of Dr. Victor Goldschmidt, the President of Pi Tau Sigma, Dr. Majid Molki, the founding faculty advisor, a number of university administrators, faculty, and students. In that ceremony, fifteen students were inducted to membership.

Since that time, our program and students have benefited from the activities of the Honor Society in various forms. Students perform fundraising, engage in teamwork, and promote the ideals of mechanical engineering on campus and among the general public. More recently, officers of SIUE Alpha Chi were able to develop, plan, and implement a teaching day with a middle school in the area to generate engineering interest among middle school students. SIUE Alpha Chi has created a close-knit group that is willing to assist each other when the members are in need of assistance.

Since the first initiation ceremony in 2003, many members have graduated and left the school. SIUE Alpha Chi continues to attract new members and creates an environment where students practice teamwork and service to the university and society.


2018-2019 -- Jared Cross, Chapter President

There were two initiations held through the school year, one in November 2018 and the other in April 2019. In November, we initiated 6 people. Each new member was chosen anonymously by merits in the school of engineering, as suggested by the officers then chosen by the chapter adviser. The ceremony began with welcoming everyone and then began of the ritual. Each initiate pledged to the society to uphold its values and merits. Afterward, initiates were given their membership cards and certificates, then signed their names in the chapter handbook. From there they were gathered for a picture with the chapter adviser, then enjoyed pizza and soft drinks as we socialized.

In April, we initiated 4 people. The event began with introductions and then we got right to the ritual. Everyone pledged and then received their membership cards and certificates. We took a group photo and then had pizza and soft drinks while we socialized.

This school year, we held two events with a local middle school in Bethalto, Illinois. The first visit was in December 2018. Here are some photos from that event:

            For both events, we gathered several members of the chapter together to talk about engineering and technology, often with examples (in April we brought a mini drone as well as a heat sink). We answered a LOT of questions that the kids were really into. We also had mini projects that they could work on, like creating mini catapults out of crafting materials and paper airplanes, all to compare who had the best designs. The students all had a very fun time and got to learn about many different aspects of engineering and teamwork.

            In the academic year of 2017-2018 we held two initiations one of which happened in December and the other in April. We recruited total amount of 8 members, where 1 of them was recruited in December the rest in April. I would like to mention that; the ongoing honor society scams affected our efforts in Fall 2017 drastically and made our colleagues think that, someone is sending false emails by using our Presidents account. However, those emails were the invitation letters sent by our President to the nominees.

            Initiation ceremonies were held professionally and with respect to the bylaws of our society. While we were embracing our newest sisters and brothers, we made sure they understand the responsibility of carrying our banner. Furthermore, we held an election during the spring initiation and elected new governing body for our chapter. The transition had happened smoothly, and the new body is more than enough to carry both our chapter and society further.

           In this academic year, our chapter hosted 2 high school education sessions and 1 fundraising to fund these sessions. Also, our President Mr. Erim Yanik represented our chapter during the national convention.

            In Fall 2017, we visited a high school named Trinity Lutheran School. Our purpose was to introduce Mechanical Engineering as a fun and entertaining discipline while teaching the students some basics of engineering. To do that, we decided to let them construct model roller coaster. In order to achieve our goal, we decided to do a fundraising. After obtaining the required permissions we tabled on campus and hosted the event we named “Pi Tau Pizza” where the students could buy a pizza and get information about our society, who we are and what we do. With the raised funds, we bought necessary equipment spent a day at the school where we introduced Mechanical Engineering as a discipline and taught the students what kinetic and potential energy are so that they could construct their own roller coasters. The students were divided into groups and the objects were priced with certain amounts. Each group were limited with the same budget while constructing at least 1 flip and starting from a certain height. Furthermore, they were asked to stop the object provided at the end of the coaster without an external impact so that the design could be realistic. Overall, it was a very productive day for both our members and the students.

            In Spring 2018, we visited another school, West Lincoln Broadwell, and spoke with the junior high about mechanical engineering and SIUE. The classes were broken down into teams again to work on a stem project in which the student needed to build a roller coaster with pipe insulation and a marble. The students were required to record the height change of the track. The students then applied the conservation of energy equation to calculate the exit speed of their roller coaster. The designs were then judged on safety, reliability, and practicality so a final design could be selected.