Villanova Tau Pi

Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19085

Charter Date   April 10, 1958

Chapter No.   65

Advisor   Dr. Calvin H. Li

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Villanova Tau Pi

In the fall of 1957, a group of junior and senior students in Mechanical Engineering, inspired by Dean J. Stanley Morehouse, petitioned the National Council for a chapter of Pi Tau Sigma. The active chapters voted favorably so that Villanova Tau Pi Chapter came into existence April 10, 1958. Through the ensuing years Tau Pi Chapter has
enlarged membership and accordingly increased its activity.

With the excellent leadership which has already been apparent on the Villanova campus, the newly formed chapter expects to identify itself with those projects which will stimulate interest in the profession of Mechanical Engineering and cooperation between the faculty and students to produce engineers of the highest quality.


2021 - 2022 Daniella Tagliaferri, President

The Villanova Tau Pi chapter made another strong effort during an academic year that saw both high and low points of the COVID-19 pandemic. The typical outreach events normally sponsored by the club were suspended for the first half of the academic year. During this time, the club heavily focused on advertising tutoring services to the mechanical engineering students of Villanova University. This meant holding a table at the club fair and making our contact information easily available to students. Eventually, in the spring semester, as COVID eased, we were able to speak in person in 10 classrooms. Our members tutored 23 students, both online and in person, in various Mechanical Engineering courses that ranged from Programming for Mechanical Engineers to Dynamics II. Many of these students returned for multiple sessions. Unfortunately, many of our usual outreach events were limited by capacity limits, but the club fully intends on resuming all of these events when allowed. We held one initiation in the Spring, which was an in-person ceremony. 15 students were inducted. We are saying goodbye to 19 of our seniors who are leaving us to pursue jobs in industry, higher education, and many more impressive paths.


The 11 new members at the first initiation
The 11 new members at the first initiation.


The 4 new members at the second initiation
The 4 new members at the second initiation.


2020 - 2021 Emily Galik President Pi Tau Sigma Summary Report Villanova Tau Pi

The Villanova Tau Pi chapter made a strong effort during this year under the Covid pandemic to continue to tutor as many students as we were able to. Since the usual service and outreach events that we normally participate in were cancelled this year, we focused more than before on advertising our tutoring services to students.  We advertised to all of the Mechanical Engineering undergrad classes through the Mechanical Engineering professors since we weren’t able to go in person to speak to the members directly. Our members tutored 12 students throughout the year in a variety of classes from Statics to Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics. The sessions ranged from 45 minutes to 2 hours and a majority of the students requested multiple sessions with their tutor. We held two initiations this year: one in the fall to induct 13 members from last spring that were sent home early, and one in the spring to induct 32 new members for this year. We are saying goodbye to 13 of our seniors and graduate students who are leaving us to pursue jobs in industry, higher education, and more.


2018-2019  Andrew Lee,  President

The Villanova Tau Pi chapter made concerted efforts to give back to the Villanova engineering community during the 2018-19 school year. Our members tutored 15 unique students in classes ranging from Introduction to Engineering to Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics. Sessions often lasted over an hour and almost all students requested more than one session. Our members also volunteered in the 2018 Villanova Beetlebot competition, creating brackets, supporting monetary awards, helping teams repair their robots, setting up the battle stage, and even 3D-printing the first-ever Villanova Beetlebot champion trophy. We are excited to welcome 15 new members this year who have demonstrated exceptional academic ability and say goodbye to 15 seniors who will pursue incredible opportunities in graduate school, industry, and more.