Mississippi State Tau Nu

Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS 39759

Charter Date   April 8, 1957

Chapter No.   62

Advisor   Andrea Strzelec

Chapter Status   Dormant

Annual Chapter Reports

Mississippi State Tau Nu


The story of Pi Tau Sigma at Mississippi State University begins in the spring of 1956. It was then that leading mechanical engineering students met to begin organizing what was to become Tau Nu Chapter a year later.                                                                     .

Guided by Dr. Charley Scott, the group submitted a petition to the National Council in December 1956. On April 8, 1957, National President C. M. Leonard, and Secretary-Treasurer D. S. Clark, visited Mississippi State to formally install the Tau Nu Chapter.

Since then, the men and women of Tau Nu have sought to maintain the ideals of Pi Tau Sigma, striving for excellence themselves and recognizing it in others. The chapter presents an annual award to a faculty member for diligent efforts in the perpetuation of the ideals of higher education. Each semester a mechanical engineering student is selected "Most Improved" in recognition of significant academic growth. In addition, alumni who have distinguished themselves professionally in mechanical engineering are initiated as honorary members in Tau Nu.