Carnegie Iota

Carnegie-Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Charter Date   May 20, 1930

Chapter No.   10

Advisor   Dr. Rebecca Taylor

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Carnegie Iota

Carnegie Iota Chapter was the result of activity of the local fraternity, Mu Epsilon, established in March 1930, whose ideals were essentially the same as Pi Tau Sigma. Under the leadership of William A. Anderson and guidance of Professor T. G. Estep, the petition was presented to Pi Tau Sigma. The formal installation ceremonies were conducted by members of Penn State Zeta Chapter on May 20, 1930.

Carnegie Iota Chapter sponsors a year-end picnic for the M.E. Dept. students and faculty, informative seminars on selection of options, and a seminar to introduce M.E. freshman to the M.E. department. Each pledge class publishes The Shaft, a semi-humorous newsletter for the M.E. Dept.


2020-2021, Carolyn Youstra, Chapter President

The Carnegie Iota chapter of Pi Tau Sigma continues to strive to enhance the academic, leadership, and social experience of Mechanical Engineering students at Carnegie Mellon.This year the Carnegie Iota chapter held one initiation in the fall semester on November 21st, 2021. During our virtual fall initiation, we inducted 15 new members into our chapter through the Zoom platform. Their initiation was performed using the rituals of Pi Tau Sigma, and gave inductees a reminder of the benefits and expectations of new inductees.

Our chapter was involved in several service activities over the past year. Before Carnegie Mellon’s Spring Course Registration, PTS hosted several Underclassmen Scheduling Office Hour sessions to assist freshman and sophomore mechanical engineering students in registering for Spring 2021 courses. Pi Tau Sigma members were asked to volunteer their time and expertise to support the Mechanical Engineering Community at Carnegie Mellon. In March, our PTS society designed a planned, continuous community service activity in partnership with Neighborhood Allies for LevelUp412, a local digital inclusion program funded by Verizon. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions on our school’s in-person community service policy, we were asked to postpone our service event to the summer to allow. Our first official volunteering service date, originally scheduled for April 30th, is now scheduled for July 23rd, 2021. Our planned service event is a spirited bridge building competition, in which we will engage middle school students in the surrounding Pittsburgh community in a structural design lesson, followed by a popsicle bridge-building competition. We hope to build this partnership to extend our efforts to inspire and connect with students throughout Pittsburgh.

In addition, as an ongoing service project to our Carnegie Mellon Mechanical Engineering Department, we as an organization are each contributing to our brand-new Mechanical Engineering Course Handbook. Current members have been asked to volunteer their expertise in writing personable course descriptions, tips, and suggestions for core and technical Mechanical Engineering courses within the department. This handbook will be a continuous project for the organization, and will help undergraduate mechanical engineering students navigate their first years in their degree with current and updated advice from Pi Tau Sigma members.

We look forward to an in-person fall semester as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted to continue out service, and to welcome our new members inducted during this school year!

Fall 2020 Initiation

2019-2020, Melissa Bryan, Chapter President

The Carnegie Iota chapter of Pi Tau Sigma continues to reward outstanding mechanical engineering students for their academic success, their leadership qualities, and their commitment to service. We extend a continued commitment towards improving these elements within our members, and within the larger Mechanical Engineering community at Carnegie Mellon. We have continued our tradition of offering mechanical engineering students the opportunity to network with recruiters before career fairs, and we have drawn in over 110 students this year, a remarkable improvement from last year, and we plan to continue this trajectory into coming years. We have had the wonderful opportunity to connect students with companies such as Microsoft, Nucor, Lutron, PwC, Honeywell, and many more. In addition to the networking opportunities we continue to provide to our community, we also are growing in our service to the surrounding community. This year, we have planted trees, and taught young students about rockets, among many other service events organized by our service chairs. Showing our ability to adapt, our service chair has created a “webinar” series where students can meet professors from across the mechanical engineering department, and learn such things as how to make a grilled cheese sandwich or to test students’ knowledge in trivia nights. We have also committed ourselves towards building a more impactful chapter by organizing the first graduate student initiates in recent Carnegie Iota history, which will be initiated in the Fall of 2020, following a rigorous selection process. We are excited about the years to come, and have been seeking to improve our chapter’s logistic setup by forming a roster so that an alumni network can be obtained in the near future. Overall, this year has been integral to the improvement of our chapter for future years, and we look forward to all that there is to come. We also welcome our new members, inducted during this school year!

Carnegie Iota New Members 2020

2018-2019, Alexander Baikovitz, Chapter President

The Carnegie Iota chapter of Pi Tau Sigma strives to enhance the academic, leadership, and social experience of Mechanical Engineering students at Carnegie Mellon. Every year, we provide opportunities for students to expand their networks through job fair breakfasts and alumni panels. We hosted two job fair breakfasts, which included recruiters from Microsoft, Mars Inc., Honeywell, General Dynamics, Nucor, Daimler, and more. These events helped students not only find summer internship opportunities and full-time positions, but they allowed them to ask professionals about their experiences in their industries as well. In addition to our career development opportunities, we have been working to expand our outreach to the Pittsburgh community through community service. Throughout the past year, we have partnered with Carnegie Mellon’s College of Engineering to help host events aimed at young students by helping them learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We also helped strengthen the bonds among students and professors through social activities and gatherings which provided opportunities for students to interact with faculty outside of the classroom setting. Finally, we participated in the first ever “MechE Day” for students, faculty, and staff in the mechanical engineering department. Our organization continues to work on improving our ties with the students and faculty of our university and creating lasting connections with the overall Pi Tau Sigma community.