AU Sharjah Beta Xi

American University of Sharjah
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Charter Date   

Chapter No.   182

Advisor   Dr. Maen Alkhader

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

AU Sharjah Beta Xi

On September 20, 2017, Dr. Maen Alkhader expressed interest in forming a new charter at the American University of Sharjah. The petition for a new charter was approved on April 4, 2018. The chartering initiation was conducted by the Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Alex Moutsoglou, on May 28, 2018 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.Sixteen undergraduate students and two honorary members, Dr. Mohammed Hassoun and Dr. Mostafa Elyoussef, were inducted during the ceremony. Dr. Maen Alkhader became the first advisor of the AU Sharjah Beta Xi chapter.


Annual Summary Reports

2022-2023, Kareem Morsi- President

Author: Ibraheem Kanan, President (Current)


American University of Sharjah’s Beta Xi chapter held two initiations this academic year. The initiation ceremonies took place on November 24th, 2022, and May 3rd, 2023, where we welcomed 20 new members in each ceremony. This year, the chapter’s involvement in extracurricular activities has been limited, due to delays in the formation of a board and also in receiving funding from the Office of Student Affairs at AUS. Despite this delay, the chapter has been able to successfully host both induction ceremonies, in addition to participating in one of the major club-related events in the American University of Sharjah, the Club Fair. At the club fair, the club members prepared a booth that represents the chapter and its values, and then presented it to students, which helped increase the awareness of the honors society and sparked the students’ interest in joining the society, as well as in mechanical engineering in general. To fix the problem of delayed funding and board formation, at the end of the spring 2023 semester, an internal voting has been held between the chapter members to nominate the board members for the academic year 2023-2024. The results of the nomination process are as follows:

  1. President: Ibraheem Kanan
  2. Vice President: Ahmed Hisham
  3. Executive Assistant: Abdulrahman Hamzeh
  4. Treasurer: Hamdan Ali

We hope that this early organization of the board will enable the chapter to have a much higher output in the following year.



2020-2021, Yacoub Suleiman - Vice President

American University of Sharjah’s Beta Xi chapter held one initiation (Fall 2020) this year. The initiation ceremony took place on Wednesday December 24th, 2020 where we welcomed 14 new members. Later that week, the chapter conducted an election session to appoint new officers since the acting officers back then have already graduated. During the Spring 2021 semester, several events (conducted online due to COVID restrictions) were held in coordination with the ASME student chapter, especially that all newly elected officers for the AU Sharjah Beta Xi chapter were already board members of the ASME chapter of the 2020-2021 academic year. Events varied from educational sessions, movie and game nights, workshops for Inventor modelling and MATLAB, as well as collaborative sessions with RIT’s ASME chapter in India. Although these activities were not directly advertised under Pi Tau Sigma, our officers made sure the core values of the Pi Tau Sigma Society are exemplified in all of these events.