Wisconsin Alpha

University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706

Charter Date   March 12, 1916

Chapter No.   2

Advisor   Dr. Darryl Thelen

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Wisconsin Alpha

At the University of Wisconsin an independent organization was formed during the same year and along the same lines as Pi Tau Sigma. Correspondence between Professor William Black of the University of Wisconsin and Professor C. R. Richards, University of Illinois, shows the co-incidence not only as to the time but also as to philosophy of the membership.

On November 15, 1915, John B. Wilkinson, Harvey Y. Plate and Roben J. Mensel completed the formation of a local mechanical engineering fraternity, Pi Delta Phi.

O. C. K. Hutchinson, University of Illinois, and J. B. Wilkinson, University of Wisconsin, met early in 1916 to arrange plans for making the organization national, under the name of Pi Tau Sigma. The coalition took place in Chicago, March 12, 1916, at which the matter of chapter designation was decided and the two chapters become Illinois Alpha and Wisconsin Alpha.


2018-2019 Wisconsin Alpha Jack Tamar, President

During the 2018-19 scholastic year at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Pi Tau Sigma made waves with a very strong year. In the preceding few years, the organization had declined and membership was far below the desired numbers to be able to hold substantial events. In this single year alone, the organization was able to double their numbers, initiating 20 new members!  Along with this great accomplishment, the Wisconsin-Alpha chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was able to make headway in returning to its former state by organizing more fulfilling events for its members. PTS hosted several meetings, which included speaking with professors about their research, coordinating a joint meeting with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and organizing a partnership for community outreach. This new partnership is with local Wisconsin high school students in Strum, WI. Over the next year and beyond, Pi Tau Sigma will work together with the student run manufacturing company Cardinal Manufacturing on their varying tasks and provide insight on what it is like to be an engineer. As college students, our members can use this partnership to teach the high school students about engineering design as well as help them create products to solve real world problems in their community. Furthermore this year, Pi Tau Sigma began coordinating with other honor societies in the UW-Madison College of Engineering in hopes of holistically tackling some of the tough engineering problems the university faces. This includes attempting to restore the historic Descendant’s Fountain in the Engineering Mall to working condition after years of disuse and corrosion. These large scale projects are what PTS-Wisconsin Alpha looks forward to continuing into the future with help from the new member base!

Lastly during the 2018-19 school year, Pi Tau Sigma was fortunate enough to send a representative to the PTS national convention in Fort Collins, Colorado and support the event with donations. This experience allowed for our members to begin communication with several other PTS chapters, specifically based in the Midwest, which led to talks of the University of Wisconsin-Madison potentially hosting a Midwest convention and possibly even a national convention in the near future. Looking into the 2019-20 school year, the Wisconsin-Alpha chapter plans to expand Pi Tau Sigma’s presence on campus even further through new events, community outreach, and recruiting even more active members.