SUNY-Stony Brook Alpha Xi

Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794

Charter Date   April 29, 1994

Chapter No.   159

Advisor  Dr. Dimitris Assanis 

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

SUNY-Stony Brook Alpha Xi

Stony Brook University, also known as, the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook, first petitioned the National Council of Pi Tau Sigma in the Spring of 1994 for acceptance as a new chapter under the leadership of the department chair, Professor James (Jim) Tasi, Upon acceptance, the SUNY-Stony Brook Alpha Xi chapter was formed and initiated its first twenty-three highly qualified and capable mechanical engineers, with Professor Thomas Irvine as the first faculty advisor, on April 29, 1994. Since that first initiation, the Alpha Xi chapter has continued to initiate new members at least once per year.  Stony Brook’s Alpha Xi chapter only accepts the most outstanding mechanical engineering students based on their academic achievements and performance. The Alpha Xi chapter aims to uphold the ideals of Pi Tau Sigma of encouraging superior scholarship and developing effective leadership and civic responsibilities in mechanical engineering students.



2020-2021 Alex R. K. Brown, Chapter President

After a rough 2019-2020 academic year, the Stony Brook Alpha Xi Chapter came back stronger than ever.  God opened doors for us in facilitating strong relationships with the Tau Beta Pi Omicron Chapter at Stony Brook that helped us bring back much life into our Alpha Xi chapter.  We were able to secure a full executive board by the end of the Fall 2020 semester that included Jose Arango as the Vice President, Angelo Vita as the Treasurer, and Clifford Gerlak as the Secretary.  The newly formed executive board was able to get us back into compliance with both Nationals and our Administration at Stony Brook.   We initiated 8 new members in the fall as well as initiated our faculty advisor, Dr. Dimitris Assanis.  In the Spring semester we initiated a handful of new members, held some events for our members, and collaborated with Tau Beta Pi to host two lecture events aptly named Tau Talks!  Both lectures were given by members of our esteemed Mechanical Engineering department here at Stony Brook.  The turnout was great for both events.  We elected our incoming executive board for academic year 2021-2022 which included Angelo Vita as President, Michael Persch as Vice President, Erin Floody as Treasurer, and Michael Dobo as Secretary.  There are still some challenges that need to be overcome as the Alpha Xi continues to grow into a vibrant chapter of Pi Tau Sigma.  The new executive board is up for the challenge.  We were looking to see how God brought us out of the mess our chapter was in and I must say that He exceedingly and abundantly surpassed our expectations!

2019-2020 Alex R. K. Brown, Chapter President

Our 2019-2020 school year was an extremely tough one with the departure of our faculty advisor, Dr. Benjamin Lawler, to another school and the coronavirus pandemic.  We struggled to find a new advisor in fall semester and were not able to perform an initiation.  Without our strong faculty advisor to help guide us through planning events and initiation, we quickly realized that our chapter e-board wasn't taking enough responsibility for building up and maintaining the values and traditions of Pi Tau Sigma at Stony Brook University.  Our outgoing president, Gerard Miles, rallied up our e-board to get behind him on the task of organizing and creating a system that would enable us and future e-boards to function smoothly and efficiently as we worked to uphold the ideals of Pi Tau Sigma.  At the end of the fall semester we had developed a plan to reignite Alpha Xi in the spring of 2020, we only needed a great faculty advisor to aid us in our mission.  God blessed us mechanical engineering students here at Stony Brook University with a new professor, Dr. Dimitris Assanis, who both exemplified the very ideals of our Society and was passionate about cultivating excellence and leadership on our campus.  He agreed to become our faculty advisor and immediately came alongside us in rebuilding our chapter the right way.  Graduate member, Jason Loprete, also gave us help, pledging to lead workshops in MATLAB, Arduino, and mechanical design, all of which he had considerable expertise and success in many of his projects.  Alpha Xi once again had life and our members were excited for the future, but then we were subjected to covid-19.  The changes in schooling demanded much from our e-board and members and we failed to implement our spring semester plan.  That is where we are now, but the future looks bright.  We are prepared to implement an online experience for both our members and new initiates this coming fall.  We cannot wait to see where God has us next year!