Pratt Tau Omicron

Pratt Institute
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Charter Date   April 9, 1958

Chapter No.   64


Chapter Status   Dormant

Annual Chapter Reports

Pratt Tau Omicron

In the fall of 1957, a group of eligible mechanical engineering juniors and seniors, encouraged by Dr. Charles R. Mischke, petitioned the National Council for a chapter of Pi Tau Sigma to be installed at Pratt Institute.

Following approval, the chapter, designated Tau Omicron, was installed by Vice President M. J. Gogha and Secretary Treasurer David S. Clark on April 9, 1958.

Since that time the chapter has worked closely With the Mechanical Engineering Department as well as with other student organizations to improve curriculum and provide a worthwhile educational program of speakers and field trips to all students.

Tau Omicron is continually seeking new areas where it will be able to perform meaningful services to The Institute, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the Mechanical Engineering Profession.

These activities will enable the chapter to become a strong and wholesome influence at the Institute.