Pittsburgh Tau

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Charter Date   April 22, 1940

Chapter No.   20

Advisor   Dr. Patrick Smolinski

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Pittsburgh Tau

Exchange of correspondence between Professor J. A. Dent and National Secretary H. E. Degler and through the cooperation of the Carnegie Iota Chapter, a group of active juniors and seniors organized, starting in February 1940. The Pittsburgh Tau Chapter was formally installed April 22, 1940, by National Secretary- Treasurer H. E. Degler.

Pittsburgh Tau Chapter continues its activities of sponsoring high scholarship, cooperating with the students and faculty in departmental activities and organizing a student recreation area.


2018-2019 Patrick Smolinski – Faculty Advisor

A. Initiations
The initiation process begins in the first month of the term, when a presentation is made to all undergraduate students during the undergraduate seminar course. This presentation describes and gives a short history of Pi Tau Sigma. During the second month of the term, the list of junior and senior students is reviewed to evaluate grade point averages and the number of credits taken at the University of Pittsburgh main campus in or to determine eligibility. In addition a second presentation is made to the undergraduate seminar class stating that the evaluation process is underway and that in the near term an invitation will be sent out by email noting who is eligible. At the end of the second month an email is sent to all undergraduate students listing the students who are eligible for membership and the date and time of the initiation process. The initiation process is typically in the third term of the semester and involves a ceremony to be followed by dinner. For the ceremony, initiates are requested to read the history of Pi Tau Sigma and are asked questions on this. This past academic year the fall term initation was held on November 11, 2018 and the spring term initiation was March 31, 2019.
B. Chapter Activities
In addition to the initiations, the chapter participated with all of the undergraduate societies in the organization and participation in the “E-Week” activities held in the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. The E-Week activities include student contests, fund raising and interaction with engineering alumni.