Penn State Zeta

Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

Charter Date   December 11, 1925

Chapter No.   7

Advisor   Dr. Christopher McComb

Chapter Status   Dormant

Annual Chapter Reports

Penn State Zeta

In September of 1925, several outstanding Mechanical Engineering students of what was then the Pennsylvania State College along with the guidance of their department head, Prof. A. J. Wood, petitioned Pi Tau Sigma for a chapter. Following the acceptance of this petition at the National Convention in November the Penn State Zeta Chapter was installed on December 11, 1925, by National President G. A. Young.

The chapter recognizes scholastic achievement by presenting the "Outstanding Sophomore Award" annually. Twice each year,awards are given to the person in each pledge class who best exhibits those qualities which define a good engineer. The Zeta Chapter cooperates with the department in the evaluation of the curriculum and in furthering more effective student-faculty relations. It also coordinates Its interests wIth those of the ASME and SAE.