Gannon Phi Omega

Gannon University
Erie, PA 16541

Charter Date   April 28, 1990

Chapter No.   145

Advisor   Dr. Al Habib Ullah

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Gannon Phi Omega

Dr. Hamid Torab and Dr. Halit M. Kosar petitioned to install a Pi Tau Sigma Chapter at Gannon University. In 1990, the petition was approved and the Gannon Phi Omega Chapter was formally installed on April 28, 1990. National President James R. Welty, National Vice-President Charles Spiekennann, and National Secretary-Treasurer Edwin I Griggs were present to officiate the installation ceremony. Six undergraduates were initiated as charter members.

Chapter goals are to recognize outstanding Mechanical Engineering students, to promote excellence in the engineering profession, and to provide assistance to Pi Tau Sigma members and all Mechanical Engineering students while upholding the high ideals of the fraternity.



During the academic year, Pi Tau Sigma Society focused on supporting the ASME Student Chapter's literacy project by repairing and maintaining a network of 15 Little Free Libraries (LFLs) in neighboring communities, aiming to enhance literacy among local residents. Additionally, the society provided tutoring services to mechanical engineering students, helping them improve their knowledge in math, physics, and mechanical engineering courses. Society members dedicated their time to assist students in achieving their academic goals. Furthermore, Pi Tau Sigma Society supported the department faculties by organizing lab tours during university open houses, allowing prospective students to explore the facilities and learn about the department's research activities. Regular chapter meetings were held to address ethical and integrity concerns related to proposed initiatives, ensuring the society's positive contribution to the academic community and upholding its commitment to maintaining high ethical standards. These activities collectively demonstrate society’s dedication to promoting literacy, supporting academic excellence, engaging with prospective students, and fostering a culture of integrity within the academic community.


The main volunteer community activity for the academic year was to take charge of managing and delivering books for the joint Gannon, Erie community section of the national “Little Free Libraries” program. In their freshman intro to engineering course, the students may select a project for designing and building little book boxes unique to the specific local in the Erie area. A total of twelve such boxes now exist and are located over an area of twenty five city blocks by six miles. Pi Tau sigma members develop a schedule and deliver books weekly filling the boxes for a total of over 4000 books for a typical academic year. The Pi Tau mambers have complete responsibility of organizing the hundreds of books donated to the Houising and Neighbor Development (HANDS) center of Erie. The books are organized in categories of childrens, elementary school, teens, adults as well as biography, history, fiction, eclectic, instructional, sprots, and several stem categories of life sciences, physical sceineces, math, and engineering. The members decide on the type of books that most suit a particular area where a box is located. This has been a significant service to the area and we will continue to be as it is expanded t with the design of additional boxes to accommodate the huge influx of book donations. Members as well as the chapter faculty advisor also volunteer to deliver books during the summer. The activity has complete support of Gannon University, HANDS, and the Erie community. The Gannon Phi Omega is completely in charge of the program. Society members also provided a tutoring service for any Mechanical Engineering student who was interested in improving his/her knowledge of math, physics, and mechanical engineering courses. Along with designing and building new boxes and repairing and improving existing boxes, the tutoring adds another excellent way of providing service to the profession.