Please remember that if a chapter holds an initiation and does not register it with the national office, the initiated students are not considered Pi Tau Sigma members, and they should not indicate so in any form, as it might be viewed as plagiarism if a membership inquiry is made to the national office on their membership status, as there would be no such record (government agencies tend to submit such inquiries).

There is also a $50 inactivity fee assessed to chapters that did not register an initiation for the previous two or more academic years. Students are not entitled to free keys if the initiation was not registered by the June 30th deadline.

There are several new changes of great significance in the selection, induction, and registration of new members that I would like to share with all of you, advisers and students, alike.

  • First and foremost, the constitutional amendment that passed this past spring, relaxed the constraints for the induction of graduate students by chapters. I have copied the amended segment in the PTS constitution related to graduate student induction:

Graduate members shall be chosen from students having already completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree in mechanical engineering, on a basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship and service, leadership, and integrity. Master’s degree candidates shall have completed one academic term of residency, while doctoral degree candidates shall have completed one academic year of residency, rank in the top 35% standing of all graduate student candidates in the department, and have a minimum GPA of 3.5/4.0. Eligible graduate members on the term that will be graduating, may be initiated only upon permission of the Board of Directors. Requests for this permission, stating the circumstances, shall be signed by the chapter president and a member of the faculty who is also a member of Pi Tau Sigma, and shall be sent to the Board of Directors Secretary-Treasurer for approval. Inducted graduate students shall be members of the chapter that they were initiated in. The maximum number of graduate students in a chapter may not exceed 25% of the total undergraduate members of the chapter.

  • There has also been a change in the undergraduate induction criteria. The minimum GPA requirement for undergraduate induction has been raised to 3.25.

Please note that chapter advisors are responsible for the selection of both undergraduate and graduate candidates. The chapter then votes for approval of the candidates to membership and sends letters of invitation.  

  • The chapter is responsible for maintaining an Initiation Roll Book, that will be part of the initiation ceremony. The chapter name, date of initiation, and names of the officers conducting the ceremony will be recorded. At the end of the ceremony, each initiate present, will then print her/his name and sign next to it. An electronic copy of the recorded page will need to be submitted along with the excel file for processing the initiation. An initiation will not be processed without the page copy from the Initiation Roll Book. There have been too many occurrences of forgotten submissions from previous years that hopefully verification can be achieved via this form. Please remember that all students and honorary members need to attend the induction ceremony, and that the inductees are not Pi Tau Sigma members until the registration of the initiation is processed by the national office.
  • A new updated registration form has been uploaded on the website and is attached herein. The wording of member classification has been changed. Please make sure to mark on the form if a candidate is undergraduate, graduate or honorary. In an effort to start creating a databank with member contact information, there is a new column on the form where initiates enter their non-university emails (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Initiations submitted with the old form will not be processed.