Drexel Xi

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Charter Date   June 7, 1933

Chapter No.   15

Advisor   Dr. Antonios Kontsos

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Drexel Xi


The students of Drexel University were introduced to Pi Tau Sigma through Mr. Ernest Hartford, Assistant Secretary of A.S.M.E., and the Lehigh Theta Chapter. After the petition was approved by the National Council and the chapters, the formal installation of Drexel Xi Chapter was conducted by Professor A. W. Luce and several active members of Lehigh Theta Chapter on June 7, 1933.

The Drexel Chapter plays a significant role in encouraging interest in engineering. The chapter, in cooperation with other honorary and engineering societies, sponsors the annual Engineer's Day. Through the establishment of a guest lecture series, tutoring program, and planned tours to outside industrial firms, undergraduate students have an opportunity to supplement their classroom work. The chapter also presents the sophomore and Harry L. Brown Awards which give recognition to outstanding students.