Illinois Alpha

University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois

Charter Date   March 16, 1915

Chapter No.   1

Advisor   Dr. Surya Pratap Vanka

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Illinois Alpha


Pi Tau Sigma had its beginning in the year 1915 when a group of upperclassmen in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois planned an honorary fraternity for mechanical engineering students. They organized "to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in co-ordinate departmental activities, and to promote the welfare of its members."

A. F. Barron and R. C. Maley, both of the class of 1915, and O.C.K. Hutchinson of the class of 1916 were the leaders. These men received the encouragement and advice of Professors C. R. Richards, B. W. Benedict, G. A. Goodenough, and O. A. Leutwiler, who expressed the opinion that such an organization could foster co-operation between students and faculty and promote worthwhile student activities. The original charter was approved by the Council of Administration of the University on March 16, 1915.Illinois Alpha Chapter has continued to perform these functions since its inception.