Historically, certain formalities and traditions were included in the initiation proceedings. In earlier years, the proceedings were considered secret and only members and new initiates attended. For example, one part was the sharing of a secret handshake. However, the proceedings have been open to guests in recent years. The mechanics of the initiation ceremony can be individualized by a local chapter, provided these rituals are used and no form of student hazing is involved. It is important, however, that an atmosphere of formality, professionalism, and distinction be maintained during any initiation ceremony. Initiates are instructed to wear business professional attire at the initiation ceremony. One tradition which is still meaningful follows:

(One of the active members shall lead the initiates into the dimly lighted room. The President and Vice President are stationed behind a desk or table. The Crest and Insignia of Pi Tau Sigma shall be displayed and illuminated such that all initiates can clearly view them. The initiates shall be assembled before the officers. The President shall call the initiation ceremony to order. During the ceremony, the Pi Tau Sigma handshake is shared individually with each initiate. At the end of the ceremony, each initiated member is congratulated by the advisor and each of the chapter officers and certificates and membership cards are distributed. Each member enters their name and signatures on the chapter initiation roll-book and a keepsake picture is taken.

Another common tradition is to blindfold the initiates as they are led into the initiation room by an officer, where each initiates rests their hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. At the end of the ceremony, chapters that have their initiates polish the keys (some also have them attached to plaques), would hold a vote on the best looking key/plaque and present the new member with a prize. Traditionally, after the ceremony, a cordial outing follows, where the chapter treats the new initiates to food, to promote friendships among old and new members.

Initiates may invite friends and family to attend the ceremony.

Rituals of Pi Tau Sigma

Texas A&M Qatar Beta Zeta First Initiation ceremony-April 24, 2012, Doha, Qatar