PTS News

Dear Pi Taus,

I hope you are enjoying your holiday break and already started making travel plans to visit warm and beautiful Miami in February. Here are some announcements of interest:

  • The chartering petition was unanimously approved (75 votes), and Embry-Riddle Beta Mu is the 180th chapter joining our Honor Society. Thank you all for voting.
  • The deadline for the discounted registration for the convention is January 15, so please go ahead and register!
  • We will once again hold our annual design competition on Saturday morning, February 24, at the Miami convention. Autodesk, one of our most valued sponsors, will be facilitating the friendly design contest that will be using Fusion 360. So, it is essential that each one of you download Fusion 360 on your laptop and bring it to the convention. Please read more at
  • All chapter pages have been uploaded to the website. Please visit your chapter page and see if you need to send me a picture and a couple of paragraphs on the history of how your chapter was formed (I have contacted several of the advisors and have requested this information).
  • All of your annual reports that you have submitted since 2009 have been uploaded to your chapter page, in a PDF portfolio. Please note that you cannot open PDF portfolios in your browser. To access them, you will have to right-click and choose Save link as… to first save them on your computer. You may then open them with Adobe. If you would like to add a new report from past years, please send it to me and I will add it.
  • All of your previous registration forms, since the formation of your chapter, have also been uploaded and reside as files on each chapter’s page. They are saved as PDF portfolios arranged in decades for easy searching, and to access them you will once again will need to save them in your computer before opening them. To be able to see the files, I have given each chapter authoring privileges to their own page. I will be sending, each one of you, your login userid and password, in separate emails. Please do not change your password.
  • All chapters, from now on, in good standing or not, each year will enter a 500-word summary, into their chapter page on the website, describing the chapter activities for that academic year. After April 15, you will login to your page and enter your summary, in the Body section, below the school picture and the existing paragraphs. Please emphasize volunteer community activities, charity fundraisers, and chapter activities relating to service to the department and profession. The extent of each chapter's contribution in organizing events/activities and level of participation should be documented. Please enter, above your paragraph, the period of the activities, i.e. 2017-2018, and the author’s name and their chapter position. Make sure you save your entry by clicking on the Save and keep published tab at the bottom of the page. For chapters in good standing, these entries will serve as summaries to be judged for the Outstanding Performance and Service awards. Even though submitting both reports before the June 30th deadline is one of the requirements for a chapter to acquire the good standing status, please try to submit your reports, even after the deadline, for the sake of documenting what you have accomplished and for the history of your chapter and Pi Tau Sigma.

I have undoubtedly made mistakes in typing and uploading documents to the website. I would be indebted if you would point out any such mistakes and/or suggestions for improving the website.

As the new semester starts, please keep in mind the conditions for attaining the good standing status, as well as, receiving free keys. They are listed at,, and

I considered the fall semester as a transition period for the new registration processes and will not hold any registration miscues against chapters that have already submitted their registration forms. I will start enforcing them from now on. For fairness to all chapters, if you miss a condition and/or deadline please do not request exceptions. I cannot penalize chapters for not requesting an extension by accepting those that they do. Please do not request any free keys if you did not send the signature page on the day of the ceremony or the excel form ten days after the ceremony. It will be too much trouble to send reimbursement checks for the shipping of the keys that you will not get. All in all, do not consider missing the good standing status, that results in missing out on the chance to compete for the outstanding awards and the bonus on travel stipend, as a great catastrophe but as an impetus to attain it next year. Finally, when completing the new excel form, please make sure that you answer the two questions confirming if and when you sent the signature page. You may want to indicate that also in the email you send with the excel form attached, to make things easier for me.

A Very Happy New Year to all.



Alex Moutsoglou


Pi Tau Sigma


SCEH 216, Box 2219

Brookings, SD 57007

605 691-4557