We will once again hold our annual design competition on Saturday morning, February 24, at the Miami convention. Autodesk, one of our most valued sponsors, will be facilitating the friendly design contest that will be using Fusion 360. So, it is essential that each one of you download Fusion 360 on your laptop and bring it to the convention.

Students and educators can download, and install Fusion 360 for free Please follow the download instructions for single user install process

Here are some Fusion 360 learning resources:

  1. Fusion 360 Foundational Concepts
  2. Getting Started with Fusion 360 Tutorials
  3. Fusion How to Videos
  4. Fusion 360 - Product Design Courses on Design Academy
    1. Fusion 360: for Engineers Course
    2. Fusion 360: Introduction to CAD, CAM, CAE
    3. Fusion 360: CAD Administration and Collaboration
    4. Fusion 360 for Designers Course