Evansville Phi Rho

University of Evansville
Evansville, IN 47722

Charter Date   May 6. 1987

Chapter No.   138

Advisor   Dr. John Layer

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Evansville Phi Rho


In the fall of 1986. John Layer. Chairman of the A.S.M.E. student section at the University of Evansville. initiated efforts leading to petitioning for a new chapter of Pi Tau Sigma. He was assisted by Dr. Philip M. Gerhart, Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department. As a result of these efforts, Evansville Phi Rho was installed on May 6. 1987. by President William B. Cottingham. Vice-President S. Peter Kezios and National Secretary-Treasurer Edwin 1. Griggs. Nineteen undergraduates and one honorary member were initiated as chapter members.

2018-2019 Ethan Smith 

For the 2018-2019 academic year, community service and outreach took place in the form of proctoring and grading the exams taken by prospective Engineering students as a part of the University of Evansville Engineering Scholarship Day. These two exams are taken to gauge the problem solving and basic math and science abilities of the incoming freshman class. Through volunteering to manage the proctoring and grading of these exams, the Phi Rho chapter benefits the incoming freshman body by providing immediate scores to the engineering department’s professors. Engineering scholarship day exists to not only provide prospective students an opportunity to tour the engineering department’s building, but also to become accustomed to the senior led projects that take place and to sign up for classes in their upcoming first semester at the University of Evansville. As can be expected, this is a very busy day for the department; by managing the test, the Phi Rho chapter greatly reduces the burden placed on the professors and the incoming freshman class.