George Washington Phi Gamma

George Washington University
Washington, DC 20052

Charter Date   April 24, 1981

Chapter No.   124

Advisor   Dr. Yin-Lin Shen

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports


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Professor Kaufman submitted a petition which was endorsed by ten faculty and twelve students. Following notification of approval on October 31, 1980, the chapter was installed on April 24, 1981. Charter initiates included nineteen undergraduates and five honorary members.

Over the last academic year, the George Washington University Phi Gamma Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma has made it its mission to emphasize our own excellence, both inside and outside of the classroom.  We as an organization have realized that the engineering profession is not only based on our own academic excellence but how well we can positively impact the community as well. 

The Phi Gamma Chapter has inducted new members in both the Fall and Spring semesters of this year.  Ten undergraduate students were inducted into our chapter this year, six students in the fall and four students in the spring.  At these events, new members were able to talk informally with our members about the organization and what it has to offer to them. These events also serve as a way for new members to be welcomed into the organization by existing members in order to build a sense of community within the chapter.  This year, both of the induction ceremonies were catered for the new inductees to encourage everyone to stay afterwards and meet one another.    

Two students from the Phi Gamma Chapter went to the University of Miami to represent the chapter at the 2018 Pi Tau Sigma National Convention.  They were able to socialize with other members of the honor society and discuss the kinds of events other chapters hold for their members and new inductees.  In addition to this, they attended numerous events that were held at the conference such as the AutoDesk Fusion workshops and design competition, career fair, among other events.  The two students also participated in the voting for the three motions that were addressed at the conference, voting to increase induction fees for new members and not require an engineering degree for honorary members.

Members of our chapter have also been deeply involved in the Mechanical Engineering department at the university.  Several students in the Phi Gamma chapter lent themselves to the department as tutors, teaching assistants, and graders.  Some students have also been involved in department research, working diligently with professors on various research projects.  To conclude the semester, elections were held in April in order to select the new leaders of our chapter.  These new leaders hope to pursue more events in the coming year to help the Phi Gamma chapter to have a more active presence at George Washington University in the future.