Arkansas Tau Upsilon

University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Charter Date   May 8,1959

Chapter No.   69

Advisor   Dr. Rick J Couvillion

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Arkansas Tau Upsilon


The Arkansas Tau Upsilon Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was formally installed May 8,1959 by National President Carroll M. Leonard and National Secretary-Treasurer David S. Clark.

The outgrowth of the chapter started during the fall of 1958 when a group of outstanding mechanical engineering students, under the able leadership of Professor T. B. Jefferson, petitioned the National Council for a chapter to be established at the University of Arkansas.

Arkansas Tau Upsilon has been active in carrying out the high ideals of Pi Tau Sigma by cooperating with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., and S.A.E., in matters of departmental interest. The chapter provided guides during open house ceremonies for the new Mechanical Engineering Building. Some of the activities that this chapter engages in are: The annual Engineers Open House, St. Patrick Festivities, Engineers Banquet, and the chapter's Spring Banquet. The chapter expects to identify itself with some new projects which will stimulate interest in the Profession of Mechanical Engineering.



Reihle Saldana - President

Arkansas Tau Upsilon is a chapter with a lot of tradition. Many of the events in which we participate, or host do not vary much year to year. Half the events each semester are social events, and the other half are service events. We hold social events to help new members meet older members, who they may not have yet met. This helps to create community amongst old members and new members. The service events in which we participate also help strengthen the sense of community amongst members, while giving back to the community. Something new we did this past year was aid in the presentation of the Mechanical Engineering Department to the students in the Freshman Engineering Program on campus to invite them to become part of the mechanical engineering family. 

For the past several years one of the social events we have held for the initiates is a brewery Tour. There are many local breweries in North West Arkansas and we try to go somewhere different each time. This year for the fall semester we attended a tour at JJ’s Beer Garden. It had opened a few months earlier, so they were excited to show us around and what they were all about. The experience here was quite different from the brewery tour we attended during the spring semester due to the fact that the second brewery, Columbus House, was much smaller and more established. Columbus House was more of a hobby for some excellent brewers, while JJ’s was definitely more of a party scene. The other main social event we hold every semester is a Board Signing Party. We hold this event so that initiates can get to know the existing members. It also helps the initiates gather all the appropriate signatures for their plaque prior to initiation. Another thing we did this past year to encourage initiates to finish their plaques early was to hold a Board Making Event. Here we showed them how to use laser cutter we have on campus. This helped ensure the uniformity in the boards as well as an opportunity for the initiates to get to know each other.  

The two volunteer activities we make sure to do each semester are a cleanup part of the Fayetteville Bike Trail, and a cleanup at Lake Fayetteville. The cleanup along the Fayetteville Bike Trail is usually a very casual service event we do. We tell members and initiates what Saturday morning we will be going and then meet at the Mechanical Engineering building on campus. One of the officers will then bring gloves and trash bags to pass out when we reach the bike trail. Each semester we switch with part of the bike trail we clean from campus. One semester we’ll go North from Dickson Street, and the next semester we’ll go South, or vice-versa. The other main volunteer event we do each semester is the Lake Fayetteville Cleanup. This event is usually hosted by the Lake Fayetteville Watershed or Washington County Extension Water Quality. For this event we give our Saturday mornings to help clean-up Lake Fayetteville. This event not only helps ensure that the trash we pick up does not end up in lake and keeps the many activity courses and courts they have around the lake beautiful and clean, it also helps to educate the public on where their water comes from and why it is important to not litter. The Fayetteville Watershed also helps educate adults and children on the nearby wildlife, the ecosystem, how it should be treated, and how they can help protect it.