Kentucky Pi Lambda

University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506

Charter Date   May 24,1947

Chapter No.   36

Advisor   Dr. Tim Wu

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports





Kentucky Pi Lambda


Early in 1947 outstanding mechanical engineering students, under the able leadership of Professor E. B. Penrod, petitioned the National Council for a chapter of Pi Tau Sigma to be established at the University of Kentucky. The petition was received favorably.

On May 24,1947, Kentucky Pi Lambda Chapter was formally installed by National Secretary-Treasurer L. J. Bradford.

Kentucky Pi Lambda Chapter has certain activities: listing all local industries of interest to students in mechanical engineering for summer and part-time employment, recognition and presentation of an award to the outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering, developing engineering experiments to be used in the mechanical engineering laboratory, cooperating with the Engineering Student Council and the Student Branch of A.S.M.E. throughout the school year.

2017-2018 Pi Tau Sigma Report

Kentucky Pi Lambda

Prepared by Mingping Zheng, Pi Tau Sigma President (2018)


  1. Initiations


Two initiations were hosted during this academic year.  The fall initiation took place on 11/16/17 and 11/28/17, and 11 students were initiated. The spring initiation was on 4/3/18 and 4/25/18, and 7 students were initiated.

1. The initiation process began with getting the list of all eligible students from our chapter advisor Dr. Wu. Only the top 20% juniors and top 25% seniors were invited. Invitation emails were sent out to all eligible students for the smoker event.

2. During the smoker event, a brief presentation about Pi Tau Sigma was given.  Food was provided during the info session and bents were given to the potential initiates to polish.

3. In the Initiation ceremony, an initiation rituals procedure was followed, and new members were initiated. Membership dues were collected during the ceremony and the shiniest bent received a discount.  The new initiates signed their names and wrote their personal emails on the roll book.


  1. Chapter Activities


UK Pi Tau Sigma did many activities and volunteer events this year. We held meetings regularly to discuss activities and upcoming events. Here are the activities that we did during fall 2017 and spring 2018:


  1. Freshman Orientation:

Orientation fair to show incoming freshman students about UK engineering organizations. We made a poster and answered questions about Pi Tau Sigma. This was a great event to advertise the organization.

  1. Career Fair volunteer:

Pi Tau Sigma members helped the University successfully host the career fair events. The activities include checking in students, helping employers set up their tables, delivering water and guiding the locations etc.

  1. Observatory Night:

Pi Tau Sigma successfully hosted an Observatory Night event for the members. The director of UK observatory helped a lot for this event. We first listened to an interesting “Star Talk” from a physics professor and then we went to the UK observatory to gaze the stars. We saw the stars and moon through the telescope and it was a memorable experience.

  1. E-day volunteer:

E-day is an annual event hosted by UK College of Engineering for K-12 kids to experience engineering. Pi Tau Sigma helped set up the tables and decorate the venue for this event.


  1. Others:


In addition to the chapter activities, occasionally we also held exam study sessions.  At this point, we are planning on going to the national convention next year.