NC State Pi Alpha

North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

Charter Date   March 27, 1942

Chapter No.   26

Advisor   Dr. Marie Muller

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

NC State Pi Alpha


The North Carolina Pi Alpha Chapter was formally installed on March 27, 1942, by National President H. E. Degler, with nineteen charter members. Since that time the chapter has become an integral part of the life of the department.

During the Great Recession, the NC State Pi Alpha chapter declined severely in membership.
Like many honor societies, the cost and time commitment were not worthwhile for financially
struggling students. This period also included the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
department’s move from its original home on Main Campus to a new building on the vibrant
Centennial Campus. The department was given the ability to bring in more students to new and
modern workspaces. However, the historic Pi Tau Sigma plaque outside Broughton Hall and
several other points of interest remained on Main Campus. Since those years, our chapter has
slowly rebuilt. This process has taken several initiate classes and changes to the constitution. In
2018, a new executive board was elected with the goal to restore the chapter to is previous
prestige. A revitalized chapter with younger membership will allow us to make changes to our
structure over the following years with continuous momentum and dedication. Our goal is to
create a seamless transition of power in the future such that we maintain successes from previous

The 2017-2018 school year laid the ground for upcoming change. Changes were made to the
executive structure and to the initiation process that allowed for expansion and growth. The
chapter expanded free tutoring for undergraduates in the Mechanical Engineering program. We
rebuilt existing structure as to how each individual member contributes to working with our
fellow students. Tutoring sessions were held on a weekly basis in Engineering Building 3 and
were open to all walk-ins. Pi Tau Sigma members were required to work tutoring sessions
multiple times per semester, and students could seek assistance with any mechanical engineering
course. Attendance at these tutoring sessions varied throughout the semester, with expected
peaks coming in concurrence with large classes’ exams and the lead up to final examinations.
Meetings occurred on a monthly basis between members and executives. All active members
were invited to attend meetings which were led by the President and Vice President. Each
meeting had an agenda and a planned discussion. Discussions included deliberations on plans for
tutoring and initiations. Snacks were often provided during these meetings. Meetings were
generally successful, although attendance is something to be improved upon in the coming year.
New rules for members and membership requirements are being brainstormed by the new
executive committee. These rules will include guidelines for sustaining active membership, in
order to benefit both the chapter and support future membership. Meetings will continue to take
place on a monthly basis, and will be intended to engage members and encourage members to
partake in the additional events planned for next school year. New events will increase the
presence of the chapter on campus and elevate the status of the chapter as an honor society.

The chapter had its largest initiate class in years in the Spring of 2018. We are proud of the
recruitment over the last year and intend to strengthen our numbers moving forward. We
consider this our biggest accomplishment over the last school year. With this new class comes
new challenges. There are plans to begin facilitating larger events with intent to garner name
recognition on campus.