Auburn Chi

Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849

Charter Date   December 7, 1940

Chapter No.   23

Advisor   Dr. Richard Williams

Chapter Status

Annual Chapter Reports

Auburn Chi


In the fall of 1940, senior mechanical engineering students from Alabama Polytechnic Institute contacted the National Council of Pi Tau Sigma, obtained the approval of the Executive Committee of the Institute, and petitioned for a chapter. The petition was granted and was voted at the twenty-third National Convention. Formal installation was held December 7, 1940 with National Secretary H. E. Degler officiating, assisted by members of Georgia Tech Nu Chapter.

In 1960 Alabama Polytechnic Institute changed its name to Auburn University. The chapter has continued to promote scholarship, professionalism, and a strong educational program in Mechanical Engineering.

Auburn Chi has sponsored freshman and senior scholarships, a pre-engineering open house and tour of Mechanical Engineering, an initiate smoker, and an undergraduate tutorial program.


2018-2019 Katelyn Jenkins, President

         For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Auburn Chi chapter of Pi Tau Sigma conducted initiations, actively donated service hours, hosted several new social events, and held chapter wide meetings to elect officers and discussed new ideas to expand the outreach of the chapter. Auburn Chi maintained its support of the Mechanical Engineering department and set forth a path to create closer bonds of fellowship, continue to coordinate departmental activities, and promote the professional welfare of its members.

         This past year, an emphasis was made to incorporate more career development opportunities for the new initiates and current members. In the spring we had an elevator speech and resume workshop that allowed us to meet new members and prepare skills for the Career Fair, which was in the same week. Members were able to practice their elevator speech to each other promoting fellowship and confidence. We also worked with ASME to have a night just for members to meet companies on a smaller, more relaxed scale and multiple people got job offers from it.

          In the fall and spring semesters Auburn Chi hosted several bent polishing parties. Each party allowed new initiates access to a dremel to polish their bent and an opportunity to connect with their fellow initiates. We had two movie nights in the fall and a trivia night in the spring that allowed members to participate in an evening of friendly competition. We also had several members compete in the annual ASME student vs professor softball game, the students unfortunately and surprisingly lost.

         This past spring, Auburn Chi contributed a team to Auburn University’s Big Event service project. Members spent an entire morning helping with yardwork for a group of elderly women in the community. Auburn Chi continued to support the Mechanical Engineering department by providing tours and speaking to the visiting high school and middle school students at E-day and giving tours of the Mechanical Engineering building. Two members, Chase Matthews and Elise Bauer attended the national convention hosted by Colorado State in February. Both returned with several ideas on how to further expand Auburn Chi’s impact on campus by furthering efforts to establish alumni relations, fundraising, creating more social and service opportunities. The current board of officers has already set plans to incorporate these suggestions and the suggestions of current members to further expand the role of the Auburn Chi chapter on campus.

      By further expanding the social and service events hosted, and exploring new methods of increasing the community between current members, Auburn Chi will continue to grow and looks forward to a year full of new ideas, fellowship, and continued service to the Mechanical Engineering department on Auburn University’s campus.